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How Loans & Credit Scores Go Hand in Hand

Understanding credit and credit scores are sometimes tricky because there are a variety of factors that comprise a credit score. Loans are a significant factor that influences your credit, and in this article, we look at how and why that is. What Is A Loan? According to a credit repair Austin company, a loan is money that a lender gives to a borrower who promises to repay it in a specified time.... ❯❯❯

Your 4 Steps to Successful Selling Home During Divorce

Unfortunately, parting with a spouse entails not only a change in lifestyle but also a change in the place for living. Although, this is probably for the better because staying in the same place, where you were happy married life can be unbearable. After all, this is a place where everything will serve as a reminder of the past, regardless of how bad or good the past was. In this regard, selling a... ❯❯❯

What Credit Score Do I Need to Get Approved For A Home Loan

Have you embarked on the exciting journey of finding a new home? If so, chances are, you’re going to need to apply for a home loan. Let’s face it: the majority of people don’t have a wallet full of cash ready to pay for the price of their new home in full. And that’s why we have home loans. When you’re anxiously awaiting the approval of your loan application, the... ❯❯❯

What a Viatical Settlement Broker Can Do For You

A viatical settlement involves a terminally ill person asking for a good price for his or her life insurance policy, and at a discount value. Perhaps the terminally ill person has realized their time is running out and wants to make good use of the insurance. The settlement allows the buyer to use the full benefits of the life insurance policy as the seller waits for the inevitable death. In some... ❯❯❯

Things You Should Do Before Buying a House

Buying a house is a big financial decision. It is not something that you can't wake up one morning and decide to do unless you’ve won the lottery. It is important to take time and educate yourself about the process to avoid potential issues down the line. You will be dealing with other people during the search and purchase of the house. There are some things you should be doing before you... ❯❯❯

Houses In Multiple Occupation (HMO) Regulations Explained

What Is Homes In Multiple Occupation (HMO)? In the majority of cases, an HMO is a flat or house where two household live as their only residence and where both households share a communal bathroom, kitchen, and toilet. Other types of HMO are converted buildings, for example, self-contained flats, buildings where the basic facilities are lacking, and buildings, which include self-contained flats... ❯❯❯

Time to Move On: Why You Should Sell Your House and Rent an Apartment

Is owning a house really the best option for you and your family? Here's why it's time to move on, sell your house and rent a smaller space. Thinking of selling your home? You’re not alone. Indeed, approximately 5 million homes were sold in America last year. Now, many sellers will just move from one house to another. A proportion of them, though, will take the bold move of going back... ❯❯❯

X money-saving secrets exclusively for students

6 Money-Saving Secrets Exclusively for Students The broke college student is a cliche for a reason. Most students find that it’s difficult to make ends meet in school due to a decreased ability to work because of their school schedules. However, financially savvy students know how to get around this obstacle by employing the following six money-saving secrets. Set up a Budget If you... ❯❯❯

Home Insulation: What You Need To Know

Home insulation has become one of the biggest improvements in recent times. Insulation4US noted that home insulation can help property owners improve the value of their home while also better managing their energy consumption whether in the cold winter season or in the hot summer weather. Home insulation offers a lot of benefits to homeowners as it helps them reduce energy bills by conserving... ❯❯❯

Why Home Warranties Can Save You Money Even if You Are a Proficient DIYer

A home warranty can be a very valuable asset to homeowners. The biggest pitfall of owning a home is that you are responsible for anything and everything. That means if it breaks down, the responsibility of paying for it to be fixed falls upon the shoulders of the homeowner. But when a home warranty comes into play, it can help you absolve some of those costs, similar to having insurance.... ❯❯❯