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Simply knowing that baby boomers are attracted to renting doesn’t make much difference – but deeply understanding the rationale, and...]]> Aparment Living http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/why-do-baby-boomers-prefer-renting-apartments-195.shtml http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/why-do-baby-boomers-prefer-renting-apartments-195.shtml Editor Thu, 04 Jan 2018 04:12:51 -0500 Found the Best Place to Order Award Plaques Aparment Living http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/found-the-best-place-to-order-award-plaques-194.shtml http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/found-the-best-place-to-order-award-plaques-194.shtml Editor Sat, 30 Dec 2017 22:56:46 -0500 How to Find Your First Apartment Rental as a College Student Congratulations for getting into the college of your dreams. You probably have a lot of pressure concerning tuition, class scheduling, and even finding a part-time job, but you also have to find a nice place to live. College students generally prefer to stay in apartments that are close to campus. In addition, Ulster County Rentals tend to be leased by several students so they can split rent...]]> Apartment Hunting http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/how-to-find-your-first-apartment-rental-as-a-college-student-193.shtml http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/how-to-find-your-first-apartment-rental-as-a-college-student-193.shtml Editor Wed, 13 Dec 2017 08:01:35 -0500 What Is the Value of My Home?Expert Insight from Roy Dekelof Setschedule Legal and Finance http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/what-is-the-value-of-my-homeexpert-insight-from-roy-dekelof-setschedule-192.shtml http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/what-is-the-value-of-my-homeexpert-insight-from-roy-dekelof-setschedule-192.shtml Editor Tue, 12 Dec 2017 23:12:28 -0500 10 Tips to Keep Your Home Warm and Winter-proof Winter is fast approaching. There are certain places in this world where temperatures can cooingly freeze down to 3°C to -23°C. That’s really cold! Some people are excited about this season because wonderful experiences can be crafted under a blanket of snow. But for some, it’s a total burden not only for their health and for their daily activities, but also for their...]]> Aparment Living http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/10-tips-to-keep-your-home-warm-and-winter-proof-191.shtml http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/10-tips-to-keep-your-home-warm-and-winter-proof-191.shtml Editor Thu, 07 Dec 2017 04:34:06 -0500 The Metrics that Matter Most to a Real Estate Brokerage Real Estate http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/the-metrics-that-matter-most-to-a-real-estate-brokerage-190.shtml http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/the-metrics-that-matter-most-to-a-real-estate-brokerage-190.shtml Editor Tue, 05 Dec 2017 22:06:50 -0500 Preparing to Move: 6 Steps to Making Your Move A smooth and easy process Moving http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/preparing-to-move-6-steps-to-making-your-move-a-smooth-and-easy-process-189.shtml http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/preparing-to-move-6-steps-to-making-your-move-a-smooth-and-easy-process-189.shtml Editor Tue, 05 Dec 2017 07:30:24 -0500 Don't Get Stuck in the Cold: 3 Reasons You Should be Checking the Entryways of Your Home for Damage Aparment Living http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/dont-get-stuck-in-the-cold-3-reasons-you-should-be-checking-the-entryways-of-your-home-for-damage-188.shtml http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/dont-get-stuck-in-the-cold-3-reasons-you-should-be-checking-the-entryways-of-your-home-for-damage-188.shtml Editor Fri, 01 Dec 2017 05:59:24 -0500 Updating Your Home:  5 Reasons You Should Have Your Plumbing Checked Out If You Own an Older Home Aparment Living http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/updating-your-home-5-reasons-you-should-have-your-plumbing-checked-out-if-you-own-an-older-home-187.shtml http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/updating-your-home-5-reasons-you-should-have-your-plumbing-checked-out-if-you-own-an-older-home-187.shtml Editor Thu, 30 Nov 2017 01:22:21 -0500 How to Rent an Apartment When Your Credit History Is Poor A bad credit will haunt you. This can make some major tasks challenging like renting an apartment, for example. Landlords mostly bank on a legal money lender or financial institution for a credit check to check potential renters. They might deny your rental application if they find your credit is blotchy, even if you have a substantial salary. But don’t worry! There’s still hope....]]> Apartment Hunting http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/how-to-rent-an-apartment-when-your-credit-history-is-poor-186.shtml http://www.101apartmentforrent.com/guide/how-to-rent-an-apartment-when-your-credit-history-is-poor-186.shtml Editor Fri, 24 Nov 2017 08:13:51 -0500