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How Your Weather Affects How You Need to Care for Your Gutters

Keeping a clean, well-maintained home is much work, both inside and out. The outward appearance of your home is often seen as a representation of yourself, so keeping it in tip top shape is important to many people. Most homeowners and renters know the struggle of caring for their lawn, keeping a fresh coat of paint on the house, and cleaning out the gutters. Sometimes though, caring for your... [Continue Reading]

7 Sneaky Ways to Make a Small Apartment Feel Bigger

Everyone’s most common complaint with apartment living is that they do not have enough space. Most of these people think there is not a lot they can do about their space issues, so they simply grim and bear it. Even though there might not be ways to actually make the space bigger, everyone can use a few tricks to make their home look bigger than it actually is. These are simple ideas... [Continue Reading]

Let There Be Light

If you own a house that was built between the wars, it is likely to have a separate lounge, dining room and kitchen. Modern houses are likely to have dispensed with all the walls to give the impression of space. They may also be designed in such a way that more light can get into the house. There is no loss of insulation just because there are more windows and less bricks. Indeed, man-made... [Continue Reading]

How to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Assessing how energy efficient your home is needs to be something you add to your home improvement to-do list. By watching the energy you use and making cutbacks, you can easily save several hundred on your energy bills. Reducing the use of fossil fuels helps to reduce your carbon footprint, too. Here are some tips on how to check and improve the efficiency of your home. The Heating in the... [Continue Reading]

5 Helpful Tips for First-Time Apartment Renters

Renting an apartment for the first time can be a big milestone. Not only is it a symbol of your freedom, but it is also a sign that it is time to get serious about adult responsibilities. But back to the freedom part – having your own apartment can be an amazing opportunity to really be in control of your own environment. Even if you are living in a small studio, there are numerous ways... [Continue Reading]

Decorating Tips for Furnishing Small Apartments

Your apartment might be pint-sized, that doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to living in a small, cluttered space. If you’re willing to put a little effort into finding the perfect pieces, you don’t even have to be restricted to pint-sized home décor. Finding the right furnishings and house ware for your little apartment can be a fun experience, and is... [Continue Reading]

How To Choose Buckhead Roof Repair Contractor?

All roofing work irrespective of whether it is small or big is important. The roof is important for the safety and good health of your home and any damage or defect needs to be fixed at the earliest time possible. It is best to seek professional help if you are planning to get a complete roof replacement done as it can ensure the longevity of the roof. A good roof can also help lower the power... [Continue Reading]

Pay the Right Price for Home Cover

The principals guiding insurance are sound, ensuring our most valuable possessions are protected from accidental damage.  Homes, cars, boats, jewelry, and other valuable material items are insured, as well as good health, ability to work, and a host of other abstract notions.  In essence, buying insurance pays forward for something which may, or may not, occur.  Insurance... [Continue Reading]

A DIY Robot to Help Around the House

Most beginner robotic builds, and many advanced ones, are undertaken for fun rather than for practical reasons. Their creators get great enjoyment out of putting them together and a well-deserved sense of achievement, but afterwards they are of little use except as a trophy of a successful build. This is far from a bad thing, and robotics should certainly not only be practised when there is... [Continue Reading]

5 Advantages of Apartment Living in College

Around some colleges, the cost of living is extremely high, which makes most people believe that living in an apartment while attending college is out of the question. However, if you look hard enough, you can find numerous options for student housing that are both affordable and offer a much better living environment than the on-campus dormitories. At the end of a long school day, the last... [Continue Reading]